What is coronavirus?

In December 2019, Wuhan, China was the source of a group of viruses known as the Coronaviridae. Its symptoms and signs include nose infections, sore throats, sinus infections, excessive fatigue, loss of taste and smell, and breathing difficulties.
And in extreme circumstances, can lead to respiratory sicknesses such as pneumonia, renal failure, multiple organ failure, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). A person with a pre-existing ailment or an older person over the age of 60 has died most frequently from it.
Multiple varieties of COVID-19 has introduced ever since, such as the delta and omicron variants. Additionally, numerous vaccines have been created to combat the virus; in India, these vaccines include Covidshield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V.

What is coronavirus health insurance?

The expense of therapy for a medical problem brought on by the coronavirus is covered by Covid-19 health insurance. It pays for in-patient, out-patient, and hospitalization costs associated with medical care. The variants omicron and delta are also covered by this coverage, which begins to pay benefits the day after a virus is discovered.

Does the current health insurance plan cover coronavirus?

Yes, if you had health insurance before receiving a diagnosis of coronavirus or one of its variants, such as delta or omicron, your current policy will cover the cost of the treatment, unless you contract the virus during the coverage’s initial waiting period. Additionally, if you decide to get health insurance after testing positive for COVID-19, the cost of your therapy won’t be covered.
Since a coronavirus infection is not regarded as a pre-existing condition, it qualifies for treatment coverage, in-patient hospitalization costs, ICU fees, diagnostic test fees, etc.

Inclusion and exclusion of COVID-19 Health Insurance
Exclusion may vary depending on the policy:


Benefits of coronavirus health insurance

  • If a doctor recommends home therapy, it is covered.
  • A cashless facility
  • No co-payment clause is mentioned
  • Consumable expenses like PPE kits, masks, and gloves are covered
  • Coronavirus treatment is provided without additional cost
  • Additional coverage options like maternity benefits and newborn baby coverage.