pre and post-hospitalization coverage, maternity benefit, PCOD/PCOS!

If we compare the chances of developing a severe illness between men and women, women’s health insurance is just as crucial as men’s insurance, if not more so. With this idea in mind, insurance providers created a special “health insurance plan for women in India” to address their medical requirements and, to a certain extent, provide coverage connected to pregnancy.

This plan is intended to provide financial protection for women’s health in a medical emergency and cover illnesses that females are more likely to contract over their lives.

In the past, women’s insurance coverage was limited to family floater plans or range as a dependent under a husband’s health insurance. However, today, women are reemerging like a phoenix in every industry and are covered by both group and individual insurance.

When choosing insurance for women, it would be wiser to purchase a comprehensive coverage plan that includes coverage for illnesses that affect women.

Why health insurance is important for women?

As women get older, they have a higher chance of developing a sickness or a deficiency. Numerous factors, including stress, low bone density, fluctuating blood pressure, and conditions connected to pregnancy, can contribute to the cause. The combination of stress and an inactive lifestyle causes hormonal imbalance in women’s bodies, which becomes the cause of PCOD and PCOS.

We are all aware that a woman’s body changes frequently, and this undoubtedly throws off her bodily functions, making her more vulnerable to health problems as she ages. They have a high chance of developing serious illnesses like breast cancer, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and immune or bone disorders.

If we consider pregnancy as an example, this is provided to women during their pregnancy period in accordance with the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961. This law safeguards women’s employment during pregnancy and ensures that they receive their daily pay without deductions so they can take the necessary rest and care of themselves and their unborn child without worrying about their employment or pay.

The paid maternity leave benefit that was previously provided to a woman was for 6 weeks prior to the expected delivery date, but now, in accordance with the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961, the number of weeks has been increased to 26 weeks.

why? Simply, to protect the mother’s health and of her child. While both men and women can care for a child, only women are biologically capable of giving birth to and breastfeeding a child.

Through a variety of ways, maternity insurance protects against risks to women’s health associated with pregnancy. As a result of the unique physiological demands posed by pregnancy and childbirth, this is essential for maintaining good health.

Longer maternity breaks are linked to fewer premature births, less maternal depression, and decreased prenatal, infant, and child mortality, as per the studies. Additionally, longer nursing periods are linked to longer maternity absences, which benefit children’s development and health. You get a detailed analysis of maternity benefits’ importance through the Pdf study.

Still, a significant number of pregnant women experience serious illnesses. According to the findings of a large-scale poll carried out throughout India, the majority of the female respondents said they experienced menstrual issues. In the respondents, menstrual issues like pain, irregularity, and excessive flow diminished as they aged. The following stats are sourced from a high authority website.

Let’s look at the “” statistics of low bone density rates in women compared with men in India.

There are countless studies that show how important women’s health is and how females are vital in our nation’s economic development and decrease of poverty. Our top objective should be to have a health insurance plan that is specifically for women with maximum coverage.

Top Women’s Health Insurance Plan In India 2022

CompaniesWomen Insurance Plans Descriptionfeatures
Star HealthStar Women Care  PlanWomen can avail multifold benefits along with whole family coverage.Modern treatment, Pregnancy coverage, preventive health checkup
HDFC ErgoMy: Health Women SurakshaWomen-oriented health plans provide comprehensive coverage for a major illnesses such as cancer. Covered under a single plan but with different variants.pregnancy and newborn coverage, sum insured upto 3 lac to 5 cr, free preventive health checkup
Chola Insurancecholamandaram sarv shakti planWomen’s health insurance plan is designed for offering protection against cancer and 39 other illnesses.SI upto 2cr, children education coverage, vehicle loan protection
The New India AssuranceIndia new asha kiran Mediclaim policyPolicy for parents with girl child only. Two dependent daughters are covered with 8 lakhs sum insured.Avail 50% discount, Hospital cash available, Avail ayush treatment


Let’s now examine the advantages that the women’s health insurance plan in India provides:

Cancer coverage: Cancer is a serious sickness for which the insured is provided with a guaranteed sum insured as soon as the listed illness is identified. It covers conditions including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, paralysis, burns, etc.

Congenital disorder: Up to 50% of the total sum insured is covered for congenital disorders, often known as birth defects. The ailment may manifest prior to birth or may be discovered after or during delivery.

Cashless hospitalization: The network hospital and the insurance provider will make the payment in the case of cashless hospitalization.

Recovery period cover: The time period during which a patient is recovering from a condition is referred to as the recovery phase. Many people overlook their right to claim the same thing due to ignorance.

Post-hospitalization: After being discharged from the hospital, any costs associated with subsequent treatment for the same condition are covered.

Coverage for job loss: In the event that a working woman loses her job 3 months after receiving a diagnosis of illness. They are presented with a special sum of money.

Cosmetic surgery: It provides financial assistance for surgeries required as a result of unintentional injuries.

Income tax benefit: This health insurance’s premiums are not deductible and have income tax benefits under Income Tax Act Section 80D.