The waiting period is necessary to prevent users from buying policies with ulterior motives. As there are cases where customers buy the policy after receiving a disease diagnosis and fail to disclose it when signing up for the policy. A waiting clause regarding pre-existing conditions has been implemented by insurance companies to maintain an ethical approach.

The waiting period clause for pre-existing conditions is followed, but you should read the clause carefully and consider whether it is reasonable for you before purchasing an insurance policy.

There are different waiting periods for health insurance.

Initial waiting period: The insurer must wait a specific amount of time after purchasing a policy before claiming a pre-existing condition by the clause. Standard health insurance has a waiting period of one month or a maximum of 90 days, though this can differ from insurer to insurer.

Pre-existing disease waiting period: For more prevalent diseases like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, etc., the waiting period typically lasts between one and four years. Additionally, the disease and the health insurance plan that a person purchases come into play.

Waiting period for specific disease: Depending on the insurer, there may be a waiting period of up to 2-4 years for specific diseases like tumors, cancer, stroke, etc.

Maternity waiting period: After a 2 to 4-year waiting period, one can obtain maternity coverage. This coverage is typically included in health insurance plans, but it is also available as an add-on. If a higher premium is paid, the waiting period may be shortened.

Coronavirus waiting period: A 30-day waiting period must be completed before submitting a claim for the treatment of an active coronavirus. It is covered by the typical health insurance plan, but there are also coronavirus-specific insurance plans available.

Waiting period for bariatric surgery: Bariatric surgery, also referred to as weight-loss surgery or obesity surgery, is a procedure for obese people that helps them address the health problems that come with obesity.