Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that protects you against the unknown costs of a trip. It comprises risk fees and other unanticipated expenses incurred on single or numerous trips. 

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    Benefits from Travel Insurance


    Provides unpredictably low-cost coverage for a low premium.


    In the event of missing luggage, essentials such as clothing and toiletries are provided.


    In case of need, medical help is provided.


    You will receive a refund even if your flight is canceled due to circumstances beyond your control.


    If a passport is misplaced, immediate assistance will be provided.


    If your flight is delayed, you can claim reimbursement for lunch charges.

    In India, there are various types of travel insurance

    Domestic : This policy concerns those who are traveling within the United States. A medical emergency, permanent disability, death, travel delays, missing baggage, or stolen personal liability are all covered.

    International : It covers those who are traveling internationally and encounter situations such as hijacking, travel delays, loss of documents, lost passports, lost baggage, and so forth.

    Corporate : Employees in the corporate sector are covered for both domestic and foreign travel under this plan.

    Medical : This is a short-term plan that covers medical expenses incurred when traveling abroad. The service provider determines some aspects of inclusion and exclusion.

    Student : This insurance plan is for students who are studying abroad in another country. This coverage covers the costs of their medical treatment, lost passports, and study interruption.

    Family : This plan covers the entire family, including medical emergencies, baggage loss, and other expenses, with less documentation required for reimbursement claims.

    Seniors : It covers senior individuals between the ages of 61 and 70. Cashless hospitalization, dental care, and other perks are included.

    Individual : It only includes occurrences involving an individual’s travel, such as home theft, trip limits, and trip cancellation charges.

    Single trip : It only covers the expense of a single trip in which medical and non-medical crises are dealt with.

    Multi-trip : it covers many journeys over a year. It was created with frequent travelers in mind.