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Travel Insurance

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Now it is easy to safeguard yourself from untoward troubles by availing the best travel insurance plan. You at liberty to choose from a variety of travel insurance plans available at Quickbima. You can compare and choose the right insurance plan in just a click of a button from the numerous options available to you. Quickbima will allow you to:

Travelling is a reality in everybody’s life regardless of the purpose, many travel for work, some for leisure, others seeking adventure, and a few only want a drive! Travelling has the ability to help you create cherished memories. Many people travel to fulfil their dream of a vacation amidst a beautiful and scenic landscapes. To travel the world is an amazing experience however, we cannot ignore the risks that one might encounter an unforeseen incident in a certain journey.

  • Check policies online anytime.
  • Check which travel insurance coverage provides the lowest premium.
  • Compare travel insurance plans quoted by different insurers.

Important Aspects of a Good Travel Insurance

Getting an online travel insurance plan will ensure that you have covered unforeseen situations and emergencies covered while you are travelling. Some of the key aspects of a plan that you buy are:

Compensate your Flight Issues: Your policy must provide compensation in cases of flight cancellation and delay. This is usually availed when you are travelling abroad. It also provides accommodation throughout till you board the rescheduled flight.

Hospitalization and Medical Emergencies: In case, you encounter any serious medical emergency during your travel, a good travel policy will bear all the expenses that might include medical treatment or hospitalization.

Accommodation and Travel: Any emergency leading to trip delay or termination is covered by the travel insurance. Expenses that may arise from in-between transportation, air ambulance (in case of medical emergency) or hotel accommodation should also be taken care of by such an insurance plan.

Legal Expenses and Liability: Apart from the accommodation and medical costs, the insurance plan should also provides coverage for legal expenses and legal liabilities arising thereof.

Top 8 Reasons of Buying Travel Insurance

Here are the top 8 reasons for buying a travel insurance package:

  • It provides maximum coverage at a minimal price.
  • Some countries like the US won’t allow you if you do not have a travel insurance.
  • You can return home safely in case of disasters.
  • You will be provided with basic necessities like clothes, toiletries etc. if your bags gets lost.
  • You won’t lose money even if you cancel the trip.
  • You can seek medical help if required.
  • You will be eligible for quick assistance if your passport gets lost.
  • You can avail of reimbursements on meal expenses if your flight is delayed.

What to Consider before selecting a Travel Insurance Plan

Affordability: Cost will have its own significance when you select a travel insurance. It is better to go with low cost of the premium for a policy that is convenient and fits your budget. This makes your insurance affordable and cost effective.
Credibility of the Company: It is very important to purchase your insurance from a reputed and trustworthy company. You will then have the confidence that the company will deliver all the promises it has made, on time.
Destination: The premium required to be paid will greatly depend on your destination. The premium coverage will be higher for places where health care services are more expensive
Hassle-free: Convenience should be your first priority while selecting an insurance plan.
Purpose of the Trip: If your trip involves a lot of adventure sports, it is better to opt for a special plan that provides adequate coverage for the said activities. In this case, your trip is a more relaxed one.
Duration of the Trip: If your trip is of a longer duration, your premium will be higher, and vice versa. For frequent fryers, choosing an annual multi-trip plan will be an economical option.
Sum Insured: The premium will greatly depend on the sum insured. The policy cost will be higher if the insured sum is higher.
Age: Premiums differ depending on the age of the insured. The plan for a 45 years old person would vary from one that is of a 25 years old individual.
Coverage: Having add-ons in your policy will raise your premium, though Add-ons help you widen the bracket of the coverage.
Claim Settlement Percentage: The number of claims the insurance company has settled, gives the company an edge over others.
Solvency Ratio: The solvency ratio is important for understanding the track record of the insurance company. It shows the ability of the company to deliver its promises without having issues related to funds.

Where will you get Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a very important element when you plan to travel abroad and should be availed by every person even when travelling within the country. People in India have a wide variety of options to select from when looking for the best travel insurance plans. This may cause chaos in understanding the difference in the different plans. Quickbima will help you in choosing the most appropriate policy for your travel journey by allowing you to compare with all the other plans available. Follow these steps to get the best plan online:

  • Go to the website of Quickbima by clicking at
  • Fill in the necessary details in the available tabs.
  • Choose from the available plans depending on the information given.
  • Fill in your personal details like Mobile Number, Email, Full Name, etc.

Now, you can make travel with peace of mind by getting travel insurance. A properly planned travel journey should be also able to take care of a situation that may arise due to an unanticipated event that may occur. Some of the common ones include, theft or loss of baggage, loss of a passport and other necessary documents, financial loss caused by flight delays, or even a medical emergency. Buy travel insurance online from the best insurance providers and make your journey a less worrisome. To make the best of an unexpected situation, have a travel insurance policy in place!

You can compare online at Quickbima for travel insurance plans and choose the best suited for your needs.

Attractive Travel Insurance Policies Available in India

  • SBI Travel Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance
  • TATA AIG Travel Insurance
  • Bharti AXA Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance
  • IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance
  • Future Generali Travel Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Travel Insurance
  • Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

Meaning of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that helps in covering the policyholder against incidents like flight cancellation or delay, loss of checked-in baggage, trip cancellation, emergency situations, loss of passport and other important documents.Buying travel insurance is recommended at the time of booking a trip. This allows coverage for the entire trip, from start to finish. The policy can either be a multi-trip or single-trip depending on your requirement. The travel insurance plans also cover medical expenses that are sometimes exceptionally high in some foreign countries.

This insurance coverage is for people travelling within the country. It includes coverage fin case of death or permanent disability, medical emergencies, travel delay, personal liability, stolen or lost baggage.

It provides coverage for contingencies that travellers might experience during overseas trip. It includes hijack, overseas medical expenses, lost baggage, travel delays, loss of documents or passport, evacuation/repatriations to India, etc.

Under this plan, employees working in an organisation will get coverage for domestic as well as international travel.

This is a short-term insurance plan that covers medical and health care expenses which may occur in evacuation or medical emergencies while travelling overseas. The exact exclusions and inclusions will depend mainly on the travel insurance providers.

This policy is mainly for students who are travelling overseas to pursue their higher studies. It includes medical treatment, study interruptions, passport loss, etc. The paperwork required is less for getting it.

This plan would include the insurance of the entire family for travel emergencies which may include baggage loss, hospitalization, or other expenses. The disbursement of the claim is easy with minimal paperwork.

This plan is for people who fall in the age range from 61-70 years. It is to make sure that the travel of senior citizens is safe and comfortable. It will include coverage for cashless hospitalization, dental treatments, and other related usual benefits.

It is meant for only one individual to cover the travel related contingencies. It will provide coverage for home burglary, trip curtailment, and trip cancellation.

It provides coverage for a single trip only. It takes care of non-medical as well as medical emergencies.

It provides coverage for multiple trips over a one year period, specially designed for people who travel frequently so that they will not have to apply for insurance every time.

Benefits of Having Travel Insurance

Frequent travellers have to at times deal with stolen bags, cancelled flights, trip delay, or even lost passports. Such mishaps can easily derail a perfectly planned trip. Having travel insurance will let you effectively deal with such situations without ruining the entire trip.