Benefits, coverage, and an online claim process! Third-party insurance for cars/bikes often covers the third person’s liabilities that arise from damaging a third party’s property, person, or vehicle. According to the Motor Insurance Act of 1988, every vehicle operating on
Cashless Machine
The word “cashless” itself conveys the meaning: it means not requiring cash. When you combine the terms “cashless hospitalization” and “cashless treatment,” it means neither admission into a hospital nor payment of a treatment’s costs must be made with cash
A board with check mark
Pre-existing conditions are ones that already exist, and when we talk about pre-existing diseases, we mean conditions where a person already has a disease such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer, or pregnancy before actually buying an
5 ways to improve mental health
Better your mental health by adding and subtracting a few habits in your Daily Routine. Mental health is still considered a taboo subject, but the fact that many influential people are talking about undergoing therapy is piquing the interest of
An old age couple
Senior Citizen Health Insurance Senior citizen health insurance is a policy that covers the medical costs of citizens over the age of 60. It covers critical illness, pre-existing disease, hospitalization costs both before and after, coronavirus therapy, etc. Medical examinations
Medicine and injection with calendar
Pre and post-hospitalization expenses like medical tests, medications, consulting fees, and other costs are typically covered by health insurance. This is understandable given that medical expenses do not only include treatment costs and emergency room costs. Pre-hospitalization refers to an
KYC documents for health insurance
LATEST IRDAI GUIDELINE FOR KYC FOR HEALTH, MOTOR & OTHER INSURANCE POLICIES. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) mandated KYC (know your customer) to buy or renew health, Auto and other insurance policies available in India on



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