According to the new guidelines by IRDA, every health insurance in Mumbai or any part of India has to offer coverage to senior citizen health insurance. These updated guidelines help individuals to get coverage at later stages of their life. There is no lack of insurance providers for elderly people. However, the challenge is to choose the right one. Thus, we strongly recommended that you make proper comparison Senior Citizen Best Policy which are available in the market before purchasing.

For seniors over the age of 60, there is no better way to feel safe and secure. Get the Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy today!

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan offer basic sickness spread, cashless hospitalization, prior malady spread, and a higher whole guaranteed. Medical insurance Plans for senior citizen or guardians is an absolute necessity, considering the rate at which the medicinal costs are rising each year. On a normal, the restorative expenses are ascending around 15% consistently. Intriguing certainty is, Indians pay around 75% of their therapeutic costs from their own pocket. In reality, even today, tremendous quantities of us are suspicious about acquiring senior citizen medical insurance in light of explicit dreams. Here are the most broadly perceived dreams that you need to stay away from.

Your parents have spent their life trying to make your life secure. It’s time you do the same for them in their old age. Our Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan will help your parents live worry free and experience absolute security. Here are the benefits of our policy Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

  • Covers Inpatient and Post-hospitalization Treatment
  • Free and End to end assistance on claims
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewals
  • Dedicated 24×7 support team to answer your queries