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Top Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Plans :

Corporate Health Cover is Insufficient
With rising medical costs, the importance of health insurance policy cannot be overstated. Check the cost of a two day’s hospitalization for a regular ailment and then compare it with your company’s insurance coverage. When you will retire or change a job, your corporate health plan will cease to exist. So it is worthwhile to buy an individual health plan.

Better Financial and Heath Care Planning
Accidents and medical emergency can happen without warning and a good health policy will ensure that you are sufficiently covered for emergencies. It is tough to compute how much you will spend on health care in a year but having health insurance plan helps you to pay for sudden medical costs.

Increase in Incidence of Life Threatening Diseases
Sadly, India is grappling with life threatening diseases. The effect of these diseases is felt on the productive workforce from 35-65 years. Also, heart diseases among Indians occur five to ten years earlier than in any other population around the world. News about people dying in Swine flu across the country has created a panic in almost every part of India. Unfortunately, the number of people who are affected with Swine flu is more than 10,000 and the death toll has now reached to 2000. Over the last few years, the emergence of infectious diseases has increased and chances are high that these diseases may become more deadly in near future. By the year 2020, seven out of every ten deaths in developing regions are expected to be due to non-communication diseases (NCDs).

Tax Benefits
You can get exemption for paying the premium under Section 80D of the Insurance Act. This year, India’s Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has increased the limit of deduction in health insurance premium to Rs 25,000 from Rs 15,000. For senior citizens, the new limit is Rs 30,000.

Value For Money
Besides taking care of the cost of hospitalization, health insurance companies also offer daily hospital cash allowance for expenses incurred on food, commuting from home to hospital and all other daily hospital charges. There are some insurance companies which take care of the policyholder’s recovery expenses also. Many health insurance companies have expanded their coverage ambit to include domiciliary treatment. However, these customized and high-end benefits come with higher premium so make sure to read the policy documents carefully before buying.